history of champagne

History Of Champagne And How It Rose In Popularity

Champagne is a sparkling wine from the Champagne area of France. Anything bubbly from elsewhere, strictly speaking, is 'sparkling wine' as opposed to champagne....
history of oyster

History Of Oyster Consumption

Oysters are one of the most expensive foods you can eat, although they used to be classified as 'poor people food' not so far...
history of juicing

History Of Juicing – How Did It Come About?

We've all heard of the modern trend of juicing our fruits and vegetables but where did the idea to do this come from in...
california cuisine

What Is California Cuisine? How Did It Come About?

California has an interesting cuisine although it's perhaps not the best-known American cuisine, and there is some misunderstanding about what Californians like to eat...
history of canapes

History Of Canapes – How Finger Food Was Invented

Finger foods, also known as canapes, are popular everywhere. They're easy to eat with the fingers and a great idea for something like a...
history of honey

History Of Honey – One of the World’s Oldest Foods

Although it's impossible to say which food is the oldest, honey is certainly a contender. Early man enjoyed this sweet sticky treat as much...

History Of Sandwich And How It Has Changed Over Time

A sandwich is defined as being two slices of bread with a filling in between them. What's your favorite - are you an egg...

History Of Eating Eggs – When Did It All Start?

Humans have eaten eggs for the past six million years or so, pretty much as long as there have been people. There is a...

Interesting Facts And History Of Asparagus You Didn’t Know

There are records of this vegetable growing in ancient Rome and Greece as well as in Egypt more than 2000 years ago. It was...

Who Invented Velveeta Cheese and Why

This processed cheese can be ladled over nachos, added to omelets, used in macaroni cheese or served as a dip. It's currently sold in...
History of Lasagna

The Curious History of Lasagna

Lasagna always makes a wonderful meal, whether paired with a simple green salad, garlic bread or focaccia, or a selection of your favorite side...

A Short History About Vegetarianism

Being a vegetarian by today's standards is a quite controversial topic because the current tendency is to categorize even the smallest detail. Thus, saying...

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