7 Weirdest Food Superstitions From Around the World

Some of them are based on facts and some of them are just weird and nobody knows what they mean, but food superstitions are present in many cultures around the world. Superstitions are common but irrational beliefs that usually stem from misinterpretations of scientific facts or urban legends. From taking bananas on a fishing trip to cutting a cake before Christmas Day, here are the biggest and weirdest food and cooking superstitions.

1. A witch will use your eggshells to make a boat unless you crush them

hungry history - egg shell food superstition

Can you remember if you cracked the eggs in half and threw them away the last time you made an omelet? If you did, you might have caused a lot of trouble for sailors! The old superstition from the 1500s says that witches will steal your eggshells unless you crush them completely and they will use them to sail out to sea and cause a storm.

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