10 Fast Food Dishes That Failed

From the earliest days of fast food companies, there have always been newly invented products or combinations of multiple products with the final purpose of increasing profits. However, these decisions were not always the best ones and the public did not appreciate the new dishes as the companies expected them to do, so they faced the need to take all the products off the market. Some of the most popular fast food dishes that failed to impress the consumers are:

1. McPIZZA (McDonald’s)


Although pizza is a very popular dish in general, McDonald’s did not know how to make the public interested in their product; people simply preferred to choose from their usual options and the company had to stop producing it.

2. McSpaghetti (McDonald’s)


Just like in the case of pizza, the intentions of the company to bring some variety in their menu was not welcomed by their public; very few persons were willing to try their spaghetti and they removed if from their menu.

3. McLean Deluxe (McDonald’s)

McLean Deluxe

Again, this fast food company tried to attract more customers by extending their offer to the increasingly larger proportion interested in diets; they created this fat-free burger, thinking that the persons interested in losing weight would prefer a non-fat burger instead of a healthy salad; they were proven wrong.

4. McAfrika (McDonald’s)


The company’s mistake with this sandwich did not stay necessarily in the fact that people did not like its taste, but in the fact that it was released on the market in a very bad moment: in 2002, a period in which Southern Africa was dealing with severe famine problems.

5. McLobster (McDonald’s)


In 2013, the famous company tried to enter a new area: that of fresh seafood products. However, the low price and the taste of it did not convince the public of its quality so, again, it turned out to be a marketing failure.

6. Rock It Fries (Burger King)

burger king rock it fries

The problem with this dish did not stay in the lack of quality or other similar problems, but in the fact that people proved reluctant to the idea of having to shake the box in order to put the taste of cheese on their fries. Nonetheless, the idea was soon eliminated.

7. Satisfries (Burger King)

burger king satisfries

Just like McDonald’s McLean Deluxe, Burger King tried to bring an alternative for those persons who are on a diet; they soon realized that low-calories fries were not among the options of those who really wanted to eat healthy.

8. Enormous Omelet Sandwich (Burger King)

Enormous Omelet Sandwich burger king

In this case, the company thought that an over-sized breakfast sandwich would definitely find its group of fans; however, the high fat and caloric content soon attracted high criticism.

9. Seafood Salad (Taco Bell)

taco bell salad

Probably, if what they would have offered a simple regular seafood salad, they would have had greater success. But the uninspired combination soon had to be removed from their menus.

10. Grilled Cheese Burger Melt (Friendly’s)

Friendlys Grilled Beef Sandwich Burger

Probably in a wish to impress their clients, Friendly’s invented a gigantic dish that consisted of a burger made from two grilled-cheese sandwiches (it was basically a 3in1 burger). But not even the biggest burger fans were convinced by this real calorie bomb (with no less than 1160 calories).

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