10 Traditional Dishes In The World

Eating is something that people enjoy the most in life. Not only because they feel good when they eat tasty food, but also because they need to eat in order to survive.  Food provides them with nutrients that their body needs to function normally and helps them keep healthy. Because it is so important, they spend a lot of time purchasing, storing and cooking food to have a good culinary experience.

All the countries in the world have their traditional dishes that they praise because they are healthy, delicious and give them a sense of national identity.  Below, you can see the top 10 most appetizing traditional dishes in the world.

chinese dumpings

Chinese dumplings – they consist of ground meat mixed with cabbage, onion and/or some other vegetables. Usually soy sauce and sesame oil are added to the mixture. Then the filling is wrapped into a thin piece of dough, which is sealed by pressing the edges together. The dumplings that result can be boiled, steamed or pan fried.


Mexican guacamole – is a sauce or dip made out of avocados. It is very common in Mexico to accompany salads, quesadillas, tostadas with guacamole, but this dip goes well with pretty much everything. It is also very popular in America. It is simple to prepare from avocados, salt and lime.

miso soup

Miso soup – originated in Japan, miso soup is a traditional Japanese soup consisting of a stock made out of bonito flakes, called dashi and a paste made of fermented soybeans, called miso paste. Miso paste it actually the one that gives a unique flavor to the soup. It can be prepared in a few minutes and can be eaten anytime, even at breakfast. Other ingredients can be added to the soup, depending on personal preferences.

oladyi russian thick pancakes

Russian thick pancakes – oladyi are one of the two types of pancakes that are considered important for the traditional Russian cuisine. They are usually served at breakfast with jam (preferably strawberry or blueberry jam), a sweet sour cream dip, or fruits. Oladyi is made with flour, milk, yeast, eggs, sugar and oil for frying.

Georgian kupati


Georgian kupati – are sausages made of ground pork meat, mixed with onion, garlic, coriander seeds and pomegranate juice, all stuffed in pork casings. They are grilled or fried in calf lard on all sides, in a hot skillet. They are also eaten in other Caucasus regions.

Indian rice curry

Indian rice curry – is plain rice mixed with different spices that give its distinctive taste. For some people, it might be too spicy or pungent, but this is how Indian people eat. For this dish they use turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom, cumin and paprika.


Italian tiramisu – a notorious dessert that is made of simple ingredients and that really boosts your energy and ”lifts you up”, as the name in Italian suggests. The traditional recipe is made of ladyfingers (savoiardi), mascarpone cheese, eggs and coffee and it can be prepared in 20 minutes or so.

Turkish lamb kabab

Turkish lamb kebab – is a very delicious charcoal grilled meat that is cut into cubes and it’s threaded onto skewers. The meat should be marinated before being grilled, and should be left in marinade at least a few hours up to 12 hours.

Greek Moussaka

Greek moussaka – is based on layering vegetables that have undergone a cooking process like sautéing. These veggies include eggplants, onion and garlic. Minced meat, tomato puree and spices are also layered along the sautéed vegetables. Béchamel sauce and cheese are also used for the topping.

pakistani roti bread

Pakistani roti bread – flat bread made from stoneground whole-wheat flour. What defines this bread is that it doesn’t contain yeast. It is normally eaten with cooked vegetables, curries or gravy.

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