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    Italian Appetizers – A Breaded Misunderstanding

    Italian appetizers

    We often wonder how the Italians manage to stay slim when all they seem to eat are bread, pasta, and meat. The answer is simple – they eat everything in moderation. However, this question is a result of our decades-long misconception about what Italian cuisine really is. Italian Americans are largely responsible for this misunderstanding, […]

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    The Schmaltz Problem

    The Schmaltz Problem

    For the past several decades, we’ve been told that there’s no healthier meat than chicken. While this is still believed to be true, a number of studies published within the last ten years have brought alarming information to the public eye. Chickens today contain a staggering 266 percent more schmaltz (fat) than they did in […]

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    Why We Should Thank Spaniards For Benefits of Olive Oil

    Benefits of Olive Oil

    The market demand for olive oil has seen an unprecedented surge in the last few years. Made from fresh olives cultivated in the Mediterranean area, the majority of olive oil production is based in three countries – Italy, Greece, and Spain. There are many health- and beauty-related benefits of olive oil, which are a major […]

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    The Brain Mushroom, a Dangerous Delicacy

    The Brain Mushroom

    Gyromitra esculenta is called the brain mushroom for a reason — its wrinkled cap looks a lot like the cerebral cortex we all know from anatomy books. It’s quite different from the umbrella cap and gills we see in most edible mushrooms. Still, untrained eyes may mistake it for a morel, which could be a […]

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    The Myth of the Italian Wedding Soup

    Italian Wedding Soup

    Wedding is an elaborate tradition in some of the world’s oldest cultures, including Italian. Therefore, it would make perfect sense if there was such a thing as a wedding soup in Italy. Folklore has it that the Italian wedding soup was served to the bride and groom as a symbol of union and to provide […]

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    The Guilty History Of Canola Oil

    Guilty History Of Canola Oil

    Since it was first given a name in 1978, canola oil has become one of Canada’s main exports. What you perhaps don’t know is that canola oil is produced from the seeds of one or more varieties of rapeseed, a plant that’s part of the cabbage family. Long before the term canola was even coined, […]

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    Ancient Food Preservatives: a Survival Mechanism

    Ancient Food Preservatives

    Long before canned food was first introduced in the 19th century, people had to find different ways to preserve food for extended periods of time. They could only get fresh food in-season, i.e. late spring, summer, and early fall, so food preservation was a survival technique for our ancestors. It was the only way to […]

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    The French Grocery Store Revolution

    Grocery Store

    In January 2016, France became the world’s first country to implement a law that forbids supermarkets from wasting food. Instead, they are required to donate all the food that for various reasons can no longer be sold in their grocery store chains to charities that help feed the poor. With unemployment steadily on the rise […]

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    Spaghetti Sauce First Created without Tomato?

    Tomato-Based Pasta Sauce

    Certain things in this world seem to have been around forever. The pyramids, whether made by man or aliens, are immemorial. The Buddha seems totally timeless as well. The Clintons appear to have been in US politics forever and ever. And then we have the classic spaghetti with tomato sauce, so classic that it must […]

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    Cucumber Benefits – Superior Hydration

    Cucumber Benefits

    Cucumbers have been cultivated for at least 3000 years, as they are referred to in literary works that date as far back as 1200 BC (the most recent version of the Epic of Gilgamesh). They originate from India, and a passage in the Holy Bible indicates that they were grown in Egypt at the time. […]

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    The Purple Carrot: A 17th Century Tale

    Purple Carrot

    When we think of carrots, we immediately associate them with the color orange. There’s even scientific proof that eating excessive amounts of carrots will temporary change the color of your skin to an orange shade. But carrots weren’t always orange. First cultivated in the 10th century on the territory of today’s Afghanistan, carrots would usually […]

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    Did You Know There Are Over 7,500 Types of Apple?

    types of apple

    You know how the saying goes: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” There is some truth to this century-old proverb: eating apples reduces the risk of getting a stroke and it’s also efficient in regulating the levels of bad cholesterols. They’re also good for your oral health, especially your teeth. However, scientists couldn’t […]

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