Did Italians Really Create Pastas?

Let’s face it. Who doesn’t enjoy a serving of freshly cooked pasta? It is not just an Italian dish. Everyone has eaten pasta at least once in their life. It’s a dish that goes beyond the boundaries of its country of origin. If you’re a pasta lover, this article is going to present how your favorite dish came into existence.

Pasta is part of the history of Italian people and has a very long tradition in the Italian cuisine going back hundreds or even thousands of years. There are a lot of contrastive opinions and myths about the exact place were pasta was born.  Some say that Marco Polo brought it to Italy from China, along with ice cream (gelato in Italian) while others say that it was a dish that was popular in Italy among the Etruscans and Romans way before Marco Polo arrived in Italy.

Still, noodles made from durum wheat, the same ingredient of which pasta is made today, already existed when Marco Polo arrived. The Etruscan- Roman noodles were called lagane. However, noodles weren’t boiled as they are today, but rather baked in the oven.

The spreading of pasta was greatly influenced by the invasion of Arabs in the 8th century. Actually, in the Arabic world, there is evidence of the existence of itrium, a kind of boiled dough that was common in Palestine in the 3rd century AD.

The modern term “macaroni” derives from a Sicilian word that describes the laborious process of making the pasta. For them, pasta was a staple. Although we don`t know how these dishes were served at that time, we do know that they ate some sort of sweet pasta with raisins and cinnamon.

It was in the 1300s when dried pasta became very popular because it had a long shelf life and people would take it on long voyages across the oceans. It was convenient, ready to prepare, a simple dish good for any occasion. That explains why it gained popularity so fast.

By that time, new technology made it possible to pull off large quantities of pasta much easier and faster. These innovations made it possible for pasta to become a part of Italians’ lifestyle. However, the decisive moment in the history of pasta came in the 19th century when pasta was served for the first time with tomatoes, a great combination that people love and enjoy even today.

Tomatoes were discovered in the New World, but were brought to Europe shortly after that. Still, people were skeptical to use tomatoes at that time because they were considered poisonous. It took a lot of time for the plant to be included in the list of safety foods. In 1838, the first pasta recipe with tomatoes was recorded, but it feels like people have eaten this dish forever.

Today, everybody eats pasta and it became a staple for most of the cuisines. With the right sauce, it becomes an excellent meal and there are a lot of pasta recipes out there that will make your mouth water. You can surely experience and combine all kinds of flavors for a huge impact.

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