Ever Wonder What Do Presidents Of USA Eat?

Being the President of USA comes with a lot of responsibilities. After all, he manages one of the most powerful nations in the world. That said, there are a whole lot of perks that comes with a high profile position like that. Just to list a few, he gets his own plane, a house full of private butlers and housemaids, and of course a team of personal chefs to cook for him and his family.

So how different would be the diet of a President of USA from the general public? What kind of dishes would be on the menu? Would the President himself have special demands?

The first US president, George Washington, did not have any pretentious requests for his meals. In fact, he is known for the simple way of living and for promoting the concept of self-sufficiency. An interesting fact is that he was a big fan of fruits – cherries in particular – and of all the foods that could be made from them. The same simplicity was preserved by the next president, John Adams, and his family.

Things started to change when Jefferson was elected. Although he generally had a simple and unpretentious lifestyle (especially in what his outfits were concerned), Jefferson was the one to introduce more spectacular menus to the White House. He appreciated traditional food, but he also liked innovative recipes.

During Lincolns presidency during the Civil War, the culinary extravagance was dropped, but it would be again introduced by Ulysses S. Grant and the celebrations from the North. Though each First Family kept eating their regular food, the presidential menus preserved at least a part of the opulence.

As for the more recent presidents, each of them brought to the kitchen of the White House the favorite dishes of their families. And they did not seem picky at all: John F. Kennedy was a fan of baked beans, Johnson liked sweet potatoes with marshmallows, Nixons favorite was cottage cheese, Carter had a weakness for recipes with nuts and pecans and Reagan for everything that included ice cream and chocolate, George H.W. Bush did not have a favorite food, but he sure hated one ingredient – broccoli, Clinton never refused a steak and the popular onion rings, and, finally, Obama and his family are promoters of eating organic and homemade food.

From the above, we can see that the presidential menu is not that different from you or me. It pretty much just boils down to personal preference. Do you have any personal preference on what you eat?

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