History Of Juicing – How Did It Come About?

We’ve all heard of the modern trend of juicing our fruits and vegetables but where did the idea to do this come from in the first place? Actually the history of juicing is much older than you might imagine. Way back between 150 BC and 70 AD the Dead Sea scrolls described a pounded pomegranate and fig mash mixture which offered strength.

A lot of cultures have used plants and herbs ground up and either drunk or applied topically to counter various ailments. A German scientist called Max Gerson developed a vegetarian diet with raw juices in the 1920s. The book ‘Raw Vegetable Juices’ was published by Dr Norman Walker in 1936 and the Norwalk Juicer was the result. Dr Walker studied living foods for decades and developed his philosophy about consuming raw food and juices for optimum health.

The Champion Juicer was invented in 1954 and this was the first masticating juicer which could handle even the hardest fruits and vegetables. Dr Bernard Jensen opened a Health Ranch in Escondido, California, in 1960, where people would come from all over the world to try and find relief from their chronic illnesses. The doctor recommended nutrition as the most important factor in dealing with disease but also promoted exercise, sunshine, fresh air, rest and staying positive.

Juicing Gains Momentum

Have you heard of the ‘Godfather of Fitness’? That’s the name given to Jack Lalanne who coined the phrase ‘that’s the power of juice’ and brought out a line of juicers in the 1970s. This American fitness, nutritional and exercise expert was convinced that juicing could offer a wide range of health benefits.

Fast forward to 1989 when Jay Kordich entered the juicing area. He published a couple of juicing books and appeared on a juicing infomercial. Mr Kim, a Korean, invented the Green Power Juicer in 1993. This gadget’s twin gear extraction process was based on the mortar and pestle idea about pressing out most of the goodness from the fruits and veggies without losing enzymes or nutrients because of centrifugal action or blades spinning at a high speed.

Modern Ideas about Juicing

Jason Vale appeared on the scene in 2001 and has written a number of books about juicing since then. Andrew and Carol West began to offer juices paired with colon hydrotherapy treatments in 2009 as part of a 3-day detox plan at their 5-bedroom villa. Guests with issues such as type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure came from all over Europe to enjoy this health retreat and today it’s a 26-bedroom hotel open year-round.

A documentary called ‘Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead’ was created in 2010 showing how juicing can relieve or in some cases reverse diseases. Major retailers soon saw a massive increase in juicer sales and today juicing is as popular as ever, used for weight loss and as a way to add extra nutrients into the diet in the form of an easy-to-drink beverage.

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