How Donuts Were Created And Why Is It Round?

Donuts are considered America’s favourite treat even though they don’t originate from the United States. In fact donuts was introduced in America by Dutch pilgrims. The donuts back then were different from the ones that we eat today. Instead of having a hole in the centre, it was filled with fruits like apples, raisins and prunes.

The first donut recipe was recorded in the 19th century. Back then, the Dutch called the donuts we know today as Olykoek, which means oily cake as they used to fry it in pork lard. Because it was an easy to make dessert, it soon became popular in America and England. A woman from England called Elizabeth Gregory came up with the idea of filling the centers with hazelnuts and walnuts.  She gave the name “doughnuts” to her invention, which means “nuts of dough”.

These sweet treats were still made without cutting the central hole. The problem with them was that they weren’t so easy to handle and the center was usually not fully cooked. It was then when Elizabeth Gregory’s son decided to make a hole in the center of the donuts and add toppings on it, rather than filing it with nuts or dried fruits. Some believed he wanted to stint on the ingredients.

Donuts were considered a snack and many people used to eat them while working. This is an important reason why they became so popular. Their ring shape helped with this as it was easy to eat while being involved in another activity. At that time, people used to travel a lot by boat, so they needed supplies of snacks that were at hand and ready to be served right away. Another thing to consider, which made donuts so popular, is that the combination of sugar and fat which was very appealing to people in general.

During the First World War, the donuts’ popularity increased as people needed takeaway food that is fast and hearty. Americans started to consider donuts as their traditional dessert food. Soldiers who fought overseas were given donuts that reminded them of their fatherland. This is how they became a symbol of American people.

In 1920, donuts became mass-produced. They were still considered a snack, although people started to associate them with breakfast. As the demand for donuts continued to increase, Adolph Levitt from Russia came up with the idea of inventing a donut machine. Adolph made huge profits from selling the machines to worldwide bakeries.

In the next twenty years, several donut chains were opened, such as Krispy Kreme Donuts and Dunkin’ Donuts. As coffee became a staple for American people, donuts were also started being associated with coffee and breakfast. The number of donut shops grew fast between 1950 and 1960. However, a serious rival called bagel was introduced in the 1970’s and 80’s. It was a difficult time for donut shops as donuts was considered more unhealthy than bagels. This lasted until the notion of comfort food came about in the 1990s.

Nowadays, we have a variety of donuts that are prepared in different forms with various toppings and flavorings are available. The most popular types of donuts are the ring-shaped doughnut and the whole doughnut, which contains jam, cream, or other sweet fillings. Other shapes are also common.

Donuts are a popular dessert in a lot of countries around the world like:  South Africa, Tunisia, Morocco, China, Indonesia, India, Japan, Taiwan, Denmark, Austria, Belgium, and in so many others. It’s a fast, tasty, rich dessert, but it is high in calories so don’t forget to eat it in moderation.

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