Why We Should Thank Spaniards For Benefits of Olive Oil

The market demand for olive oil has seen an unprecedented surge in the last few years. Made from fresh olives cultivated in the Mediterranean area, the majority of olive oil production is based in three countries – Italy, Greece, and Spain. There are many health- and beauty-related benefits of olive oil, which are a major contributing factor in the increased interest among consumers. Spanish olive oil is much sought after around the globe, but especially in North America.

How Spain Took Over the Olive Oil Market

Spanish olive oil manufacturers are focusing their attention on consumers in the United Nations and Canada. Between 2011 and 2015, the import of Spanish olive oil to Canada had increased by a whopping 44 percent, whereas the increase in the US reached triple digits – 145 percent. Spanish exporters are doing everything they can to capitalize on this unexpected opportunity.

Marketing experts have been employed to develop strategies to promote Spanish olive oil in North America. Aware of how important celebrity endorsement is to any product, they have recruited the famous tennis player Rafael Nadal to serve as Spain’s international olive oil ambassador. In a few years’ time, Spanish olive oil manufacturers expect to establish a firm dominance in terms of market share in these two countries. Once they get there, taking over the world won’t be a problem.

What’s the Deal with Olive Oil?

Benefits of Olive Oil

Owing to a high content of monounsaturated fats, olive oil has found great use in our regular diet. Nutritional benefits of olive oil include reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases, as well as improved regulation of blood sugar and insulin levels, which helps prevent diabetes. Olive oil is also rich in antioxidants that are so precious to our bodies. They lower the number of free radicals in our body and consequently prevent cell damage.

There are many benefits of olive oil in skincare, particularly if you have a sensitive skin. It’s used to moisturize skin and restore its glow, as well as to treat sunburns and skin damages. Because it’s not greasy, it is also suitable to use on oily skin. Olive oil also helps reduce wrinkles under the eyes and heal chapped lips. Your hair can also feel the benefits of olive oil. Use it to massage your scalp once a week in order to fight dryness and dandruff, or warm it up slightly and rub it in to repair split ends.

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